Where Will You Live For Your Best Life Ever?

France Biskynis - BodyOm Spa Retreat Houston, TX

One of my tennis pros was on my table early this week and he told me how he looks forward to my newsletters and how the information is helpful to his better life.

Greg takes great care of his body; it is his money maker, his tool. The most important thing he can do is listen to his body and give it what it requires and desires.

A gentleman client asked me if it was important to get regular massages.. 'Yes!', was my answer, 'of course!'


Many of you have heard me say or seen it on my bulletin board in my office “Be good to yourself. If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?” This saying is becoming more and more true as the years go by. I am noticing the changes occurring in my body and how it is requiring me to tweak my workouts and my food and the massages and bodywork I receive.

I watch others and how they are treating themselves. Have you ever noticed how some people treat their cars better than themselves? They always have a clean and shiny car…get oil changes and rotate their tires on a strict schedule. How many of those people are getting regular body work for themselves?? And here is the kicker…in a few years they will trade that car in on a new one.

Guess what..? They can’t trade their body in for a new one.

I had a gentleman come in and he was enjoying his massage and asked me if it was important to get regular massages. “Yes!”, was my answer, “of course.” He then said he would get a massage once a year and asked if that was a good idea. I did a double take to read his face…he was for real!!! I told him everyone has priorities… and I pretty much get bodywork once a week.

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